Labelling your parcel

It is important to get the labelling right; otherwise, there is a high risk that your box will go to the wrong place, or wrong person. We put our own labels on every box that we send out and a pdf of our label is available to download.

email: [email protected]

Imagine the scene: the container arrives at Ekwendeni, quite possibly a day or two late. Excitement builds to fever pitch. The container is surrounded by eager hands.

1200 boxes will be unloaded over the next hour. Shupo, our devoted helper, has to read out the names on the labels, 1200 in the hour. He will shout out the first thing he sees, which is often the name at the top of the label. But this might not be the intended destination. The person may not still work for the institution you are aiming for, for example. Goods with multiple boxes can become separated. Some institutions have different departments.

So much can go wrong!

We suggest you follow the information below as it is detailed on our own labels. This will help assist our volunteers in processing your donation in Dundee and insure it gets to the recipient at  the other end. You can down load a pdf of our own label here.

> MOBILE PHONE OF CONTACT IN MALAWI (This is used to arrange collection of goods once container is in Ekwendeni) Don’t worry if you don’t have one, this optional.