What we do

The Bananbox Trust works with people and organisations in Malawi, to bring expertise and support. We transport via containers a variety of items that are needed, but we don’t send items that would cause
a Malawian business or individual to fail.
We are there to help and make a difference.

email: [email protected]

Our vision

Helping the people of Northern Malawi to help themselves out of poverty.

  • The people of Northern Malawi are among the poorest in the world
  • Many are subsistence farmers, relying on what they can grow to feed their family. Often they fail; there is nothing for them to fall back on in such circumstances.
  • This leads to hunger. But there is food; it is just that they can’t afford it. The real issue is not hunger, but poverty.
  • Giving food, or giving money, deals with the immediate problem. But this is only dealing with a symptom. The hunger will resurface next week, next month, next year.

The Bananabox Trust aims to deal with the real issue, which is poverty.


We aim to do so by:

  • Sending essential and needed goods from Dundee to Malawi
    via containers
  • Identifying entrepreneurs and assisting them in their businesses
  • Working with communities to help them to develop
  • Training in business and financial skills
  • Facilitating trips for other charities and groups

Why Bananabox?

Good question!

We are involved in overseas development work, focussing on Malawi. One of the major planks of the work is sending necessary and needed items to Malawi via containers. Almost all of these goods travel in boxes and the easiest for us to handle are banana boxes, they stack like Lego bricks. We take our name from them, it seemed the most obvious one!

They are just the right size and weight for our volunteers, they stack well in the store and they are easy to pack into the container itself. They are also easy for the unloaders to deal with at Ekwendeni!