Container Corner

We send our goods from our Dundee Depot and we call for a container when we have around 1200 boxes stored in the depot. It costs over £11000 to send a container to Malawi, so as well as hitting our target of 1200 boxes, we also need to have the funds in place to order the container. That’s why your support is so important and crucial to all that we do.

email: [email protected]


When we have around 1200 boxes and the funds in place we order a container. On the day the 40 ft container arrives at the Dundee Depot, we need volunteers to help us load everything on board, all done under the guidance of Trevor Haye one of our Trustee’s. Trevor has his own haulage business and has packed many containers bound for Africa, he’s ‘The Man’ when it comes to packing every available square inch – we don’t send Scottish air to Africa. Once packed and the doors closed and sealed the container leaves Dundee on it’s journey. Here is where it goes…

  • Dundee to Grangemouth – lorry – 68.56 kms
  • Grangemouth to Rotterdam – ship – 702.89 kms
  • Rotterdam to Durban – ship – 9466.07 kms
  • Durban to Beira – ship – 1185.89 kms
  • Beira to Lilongwe – lorry – 941.53 kms
  • Lilongwe to Ekwendeni – lorry – 376.10 kms

Total – 12,741.04 kms.

If you would like to volunteer to help load the container please email us at [email protected]

Send A Package

Sending Boxes

We want to take things to Malawi that will help the people there. Because of this BBT subscribes to Scotland Malawi Partnership guidelines on sending goods to Malawi

Here are some guidelines to help you contribute:

  • Do no harm
  • If it doesn’t work here, it won’t work there
  • Don’t send things which are readily available in Malawi
  • Don’t send things which will do someone in Malawi out of a job

BBT reserves the right to reject goods which breach these guidelines

Do's and Dont's

Transporting goods for others

BBT will be pleased to transport goods on behalf of other charities which operate in Malawi, or which have partners there which they support.

It is the responsibility of the local recipients to ensure the donations are collected at Ekwendeni and reach the intended end user. Unfortunately, we do not have the infrastructure to take responsibility for these items after they have been unloaded.  We do not levy a charge for this service.

However, there are costs, in the region of £15 per box for a banana box size. We would respectfully request that you consider a donation to cover the transport costs of your box. Donations towards our transport costs are very welcome and very much appreciated,

All the trustees and helpers in this process are volunteers. In order to send 5 containers per annum, we have to raise around £70,000. This covers the rent for the Dundee premises, insurance, electricity for the shed; plus the costs of the transport itself.

Perhaps you or your organisation could consider an event to raise funds for this and our other related work, which is making a difference to the poorest people on the planet? To all who partner with us – thank you.