Project Work

We’re not just about containers! The BananaBox Trust carries out and supports projects in Malawi, that can make a real difference to the people living there and that’s why your support is so important.

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BEST of Friends

Working with local partners God Cares, and the local community, we have established BEST of Friends: this NGO exists to improve the lives of the children at the Ekwendeni School for the Visually Impaired. Around 50 kids attend this school at any given time, all of them blind or partially sighted, many of them albino. The first project is to raise funds for a wall to protect the children. Sadly, albino kids have a value to witch doctors. There will also be “soft” projects such as games and musical instruments.

Mentoring and training

We work with several organisations in Malawi, training their accounts departments and mentoring staff members. Here are some examples:

  • Malawi Scotland Partnership
  • David Gordon Memorial Hospital
  • Ekwendeni College of Medical Science
  • University of Livingstonia.

We also work with small businesses helping them get established, or working on an expansion plan, creating jobs and wealth.


Is a community about 70km north of Mzuzu. We received a donation which has allowed us to buy some goats for the women’s empowerment group. There are around 17 sections of 6 women each. The offspring will initially be sold to raise funds for a much-needed maize mill.

Thereafter, the kids will be distributed until each woman has her own goat. This may take 7 years to achieve.

Working with other Charities

Working alongside other charities or volunteers is something that we do and we want to build on the relationships that we have and create new ones. We can also help and assist with in-country logistics. please get in touch if this is of interest.

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