Just off the plane…

Alan arrived in Malawi for a trip lasting a few months. He hasn’t been hanging around, as we received this update from him.


In other news, while in Lilongwe just off the plane, we:

Delivered 4 boxes of urgently needed medical supplies to the haemophilia unit (donated by Haemophilia Scotland)

Delivered a box to CCAP Lilongwe

Met with 2 young people on behalf of Focus on Malawi and gave them their living expenses – these two are studying eye care

Delivered a laptop to another eye care learner, again on behalf of Focus on Malawi

Met with Mphatso, the accountant at Malawi Scotland Partnership, who we are mentoring

Met with Johnny Dowds to discuss progress on Living Trees of Livingstonia – to whom we provide accountancy advice as Finance Director – he works with 20 primary schools and 1 secondary school, setting up sustainable feeding programmes, irrigation schemes and much, much more.



More to follow…