Container Contents Campaign Number 1 – Stationery

Primary schools – many of these have no furniture and a few have no building, the kids learning under a mango
tree. In many cases, there is no stationery. So our campaign is to provide stationery. There are two ways you can assist
with this. First, you could send us pencils, sharpeners, erasers, notebooks, rulers and all the other stationery required. This would be great. Or you could send us the equivalent money! That way, we’d cut out the middle man – us! We would buy the goods in Malawi.
We will work with a variety of schools, including 10 supported by DGMH (that’s 8,000 children) and Ekwendeni Primary, which includes the Visually Impaired unit that we also support. Donating stationery items or the equivalent in cash will make a difference to
these children and might just give them a path out of poverty. Mark any donation “PS Stationery”. Thanks for supporting the Bananabox Trust.