Banana boxes are Best but not essential

We often get asked if you need to pack your donated goods in banana boxes. It is not essential that donations go into banana boxes, but we do like them, as they are all the same size and can be stacked easily both in the depot and in the 40ft container that goes to Africa. So where possible we would really appreciate it if any goods can be packed in banana boxes. You can get banana boxes from most supermarkets and normally they are happy to give them away.

If you can’t get your hands on any banana boxes don’t worry, we do accept other sized boxes. We just ask that they are not too big, or too heavy as large or over packed boxes can be difficult to handle. If you are struggling to lift it, we will have the same problem when it arrives in our depot.

Please remember to label your boxes with your name/organisations name and who you are sending it to in Malawi. If you have it, please also add a contact telephone number for those in Africa. Thanks from BBT.